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Chase - Tödliches Spiel
Originaltitel: Death Chase
Genre: Action
Land: USA
Jahr: 1988
Länge: 94
Bild: /
FSK: 18
Regie: David A. Prior

 Note: 4.88  Stimmen: 8  Platz: 0  

 Note: 5.0  Stimmen: 62  Platz: 0  
After a man's sister is killed by two gunmen who seemingly come out of nowhere, he manages to find and kill them. He then discovers that the men he killed were part of a multi-millionaire's bizarre 'death game', where someone is hunted through the streets of Los Angeles by teams of killers who get a big-money prize for killing their quarry--and he realizes that now he is 'it'.
Paul L. Smith, Jack Starrett, William Zipp, Brainbridge Scott, Reggie DeMorton
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