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81 - The Other World: The World of Hells Angels
Originaltitel: 81 the Other World
Genre: Biographie, Dokumentation
Land: Deutschland
Jahr: 2011
Länge: 73
Bild: /
FSK: 16
Regie: Lukas Dimitrios
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This Documentary approaches the most notorious motorcycle club in the world from the inside. It is a different angel to what and who the Hells Angels are. We look back at the history of the club, it's origins, backgrounds and worldwide growth and show what mass media has never shown so fair. The Hells Angels talk about, their conflicts and how they deal with them. There are always two sides to a story, the one and the other one.
Sabine Bachmaier, Jürgen Bauer, Ben Becker, Django, Frank Hanebuth, Hans-Peter, Manfred, Peter, Anna Russokova, Frank Wiedmann

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